3 Rules Of Marketing

Social Media Marketing is about promoting, sharing, and interacting.

Content Creation and Promotion: In digital marketing company, content creation and promotion is the first golden rule of social media marketing; hence, it is important to create valuable and useful content and be able to promote it accordingly.  The primary objective of Innogenx, the Best Digital marketing company in Bangalore however, is to be able to drive traffic to your site.  Although likes, dislikes, comments, and shares are expected, above all, traffic and clicks play an important role.

The first step of any digital marketing company lies in focusing on the right content and delivering relevant social media posts.  This involves a lot of hard work and time involved to generate the relevant social media content.  Just merely clicking the share button there next to your article is of no help at all.  To see a noticeable difference quickly, one has to spend a reasonable amount of time on each social media post.  More time and effort that you spend on your Content, would leave a greater impact and benefit you.

Innogenx, the Best Digital marketing company in Bangalore follows some of the best content creation practices required for social media posts include the below features: 

The Headline: The presentation of questions, numbers, specificity, emotions, and urgency involved does make a huge difference.

The Secondary headline or the subheading:  Here there is an offer for your readers to benefit by clicking on your link. 

The special characters and Emojis:  The use of visuals will help your text to be exceptional.  They could be a professional ️ to a fun emoji depending on your brand’s personality.

Hashtags: In case you are using Instagram you could make use of one or two hashtags.

Line breaks: The readability and engagement of your timeline could be improved on your timeline when whitespace, line breaks, and lists are added. 

Quotes:  You can engage the readers to relate to your article by highlighting a powerful quote in your article and posting it within quotes.

Visuals: Colors are appealing and colorful images are a visual treat.  Appropriate video scripts for your content, with stackable one-minute video commercials are sure to drive the most required traffic to your site.

Mentions: Mention of an individual or the team who has immensely contributed to your article is also a part of social media etiquette. 

Content Curation by Innogenx the Best Digital Marketing Service in Bangalore

Content Curation happens when you share others’ content and these curated posts help in forging and cementing relationships making them stronger with your relevant industry’s consultants, and key influencers. 

Industry-specific, valuable content such as the latest news and trends will make your timeline transparent, relevant, and less spammy.  Content curation helps in connecting to those you would like to know better and even collaborate with.  By sharing their content and mentioning them you build a relationship with potential partners and friends.  Sharing, regularly engaging with their content, and mentioning them helps build a rapport; thereby, making collaborations possible.


The third and most important golden rule of social media marketing is having simple and yet powerful ‘Hellos’ and ‘Thank yous’ that are an integral part of social media marketing.  The likes, thoughtful and relevant comments and shares are what help you promote and popularize your brand. Personal interactions on social media creates excellent opportunities and helps to take the brand from nowhere to somewhere, and slowly to everywhere.

Final Thoughts 

Social media marketing is hot right now.  The major social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter; etc. serve different business needs and customer profiles.

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