A Guide to Twitter Hashtags

A Guide to Twitter Hashtags

If you are new to hashtags, a hashtag is a symbol (#) on your computer. When you write something after a hashtag, it gets converted into a link. Supposing this link is clicked on Twitter, one can get information about all the tweets that are available on this topic by all people who tweeted something about that hashtag even though you may not be following them.

Hashtags are a way of grouping and categorizing the topics so that people know what your tweets are about and they can follow you. Anyone searching for a tweet on a particular topic can find it through search if hashtags are given, rather than scrolling through their feed. Twitter hashtags are an essential part of your activity on Twitter, especially if you want to make your posts searchable. Tweets with Twitter hashtags increase engagement, retweets, favorites, and replies for individuals and brands. It is a great way to get your tweets discovered by a broader audience on Twitter. Innogenx, Bangalore’s best Digital Marketing company ensures you gain traction on social media!

Where and how to use hashtags?

1. Use hashtags in your bio: Your bio is a section of your profile where you must include hashtags.

2. Make your brand’s hashtags: You can make your brand’s hashtags and motivate your clients to use them as they post their tweets.

3. Use brand tagline: You can use your brand’s tagline to create your brand hashtags.

Usage of the Twitter hashtags:

1. Useful for potential customers:

Hashtags are an easy way for your potential customers to find more reviews and feedback from the brand’s other customers. The potential customers use a brand’s hashtags that the brand’s customers use to check out their tweets. The potential customers will know from these tweets how satisfied a brand’s customers are if their products are worth their investment.

2. Useful to research competition:

As a business competitor, you can use a brand’s hashtags to check your competitor’s community. You can know what their customers like and what problems they face as a brand. You can leverage this brand’s experience and use hashtags to improve your business.

3. Increases the reach:

Hashtags increase the reach of your tweets even to the people who are not following you. Suppose you want to increase your reach to your customers use hashtags!

How to use hashtags:

1. Make your hashtags readable:

If you use hashtags in your tweets, make sure they are readable as there is no space between them. If there are multiple keywords in your hashtags, make sure every keyword starts with a capital letter.

2. Don’t use too many hashtags:

If you use too many hashtags, your tweets can get lost in the host of other tweets. So use hashtags with caution. Twitter allows two hashtags per tweet, but you can put more than that. Using three to four hashtags is reasonable.

3. Select your target:

Another way to use hashtags is to target the right people for your brand and not just more people. It is always better to use just a few relevant hashtags in your tweet.

4. Use keywords as Twitter hashtags:

If you use relevant keywords as hashtags, there are more chances that people will find you when you search for these keywords. So making keywords, your hashtags is also an effective strategy.

5. Make popular trending Twitter hashtags yours:

You can also check out the current popular hashtags in trends and make them your hashtags. You can search these hashtags and find content ideas to create content for your brand.

Twitter is a very effective social media marketing strategy. Contact us at Innogenx for assistance with social media and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube!

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