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Best SEO Techniques to get Organic Traffic

Best SEO Techniques to get Organic Traffic

If you want your content to rank high on Google’s pages, you cannot ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After you have learned things like meta tags, keyword search, and optimizing the content of your blogs and web pages, you need to know more to boost organic traffic. SEO, if done consistently, will give you results in a long time, and you have got to be patient. You can outsource them to a company if you want good SEO results. Innogenx is one of Bangalore’s best digital marketing services that can help you increase your organic traffic.

Here are 6 SEO techniques to get organic traffic:

1. Create faster loading pages:

You can create faster-loading pages by improving page speed with lazy load. Lazy loading means deferring the loading of non-critical resources at page load time. In other words, things like images and videos will only load when they are visible on the page. If you use WordPress, a free plugin called “A3 Lazy load” basically plug and play. If you are not using WordPress, you can use the intersection observer API or search for plugins made for your CMS.

2. Improve clickthrough rate for page ranking on page one:

Most people accept that pages with a higher clickthrough rate can help increase rankings. It is because more clicks mean more visitors. So improving CTR always helps.

3. Send emails to everyone you link to:

With link building, you need to find prospects, vet them, see their emails, and naturally ask them to link to you. But using this simple outreach strategy cuts out many steps in the link-building process. While the intent of the email is not to build links, it is a great way to earn it passively and grow your network while you are at it. Though it does not get you quick links, it starts a conversation, and it can open up opportunities for influencers to notice your work and link to you anytime later.

4. Add internal links to your new pages:

Internal linking is essential. It improves crawlability and gets your pages indexed faster, improves topical relevance, and distributes PageRank to other pages so you can rank higher on Google.

5. Repurpose your best-performing blogs to videos and best videos to blog posts:

There are reasons why you should repurpose your content. Different people enjoy different content formats based on their personal preferences. Second, you can own multiple spots on Google search.

6. Set up essential SEO tools and plugins:

Your first step is to ensure that you have three critical SEO tools set up. These are Google search console, Google analytics, and Yoast SEO plugin.

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