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Unique digital marketing and branding solutions that convey your unique brand value to your customers and inspire them to engage with your brand.

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What makes Innogenx different?

Results-driven marketing
We don’t just report our marketing activities, we report results.
Focused and dedicated team
We believe success comes to those who work for it.
Constant monitoring of results
We measure outcomes of our actions and execute changes as needed.
Innovative solutions
We make ideas happen

Customer support

Customer happiness is our most cherished goal.Increase your brand impact with our

  • Strategic digital marketing
  • High converting websites
  • Targeted ad campaigns
  • Engaging social media marketing
  • Impactful video presentations

We do more then ever
platforms .

Digital marketing
  • 1. Branding
    Branding offered by Innogenx
    • 1. Brand identity design/Logo
    • 2. Brand position and strategy
    • 3. Print Design
  • 2. Video Presentation
    Video Presentation offered by Innogenx
    • 1. Digital campaign videos
    • 2. Employee videos
    • 3. Corporate videos
    • 4. 2D explainer videos
    • 5. Event videos
    • 6. Product videos
    • 7. Industrial videos
    • 8. CSR videos
    • 9. 360 degree videos
    • 10. Testimonial videos
    In today’s world the relevance of Digital Marketing has become increasingly important for brands to proliferate and consolidate their market presence. Our Digital Marketing team comprises of young, trained professionals who can provide the whole gamut of Digital Marketing services..
    Digital Marketing Services offered by Innogenx
    • 1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • 2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • 3. Content Marketing
    • 4. Social Media Marketing
    • 5. Email Marketing
    • 6. Data Driven Marketing
    The strength of Innogenx team lies in creating websites built to your specifications. This helps you control and update all parts of the website without the help of any web designer.
    Web Services offered by Innogenx
    • 1. CMS based Websites
    • 2. Responsive Web Designing
    • 3. E-commerce Websites
    TWe, at Innogenx Multimedia division, believe that Multimedia applications and technology provide the most effective ways of presenting ideas, sharing information, or just entertaining people.
    Multimedia Services offered by Innogenx
    • 1. Usability Services
    • 2. Website Designing
    • 3. Corporate/Product Presentation
    • 4. E-Brochure (e-Profile)
    • 5. CBT & WBT Solutions
    • 6. Usability Services
    • 7. Website Designing
    • 8. Corporate/Product Presentation
    • 9. E-Brochure (e-Profile)
    • 10. CBT & WBT Solutions
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