Here’s what you should know about Keyword Analysis


A keyword analysis is a process of identifying the search phrases people type in search engines to get the details about a specific topic. A business must do keyword analysis if it wants to rank high in search engine search results.

Importance of Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis helps clarify what phrases or keywords one should target in the content. It is important because the keywords used in the content make Google and other search engines value that content for that particular keyword. 

When search engines catalogue the content for a specific keyword, it displays it on the first page of the results whenever a person types/searches with a particular word. When the search engines show the content on the first page, the business gets more traffic on the website, which is what a business wants. It does not matter whether it’s an advanced website or looking to build a new one, competitive keyword analysis is something that every business needs to do regularly. If you want to improve your rank on search results, you can take help from Innogenx, one of the best digital marketing companies.

How do you choose the right keywords that rank you in search results?

Choosing the right keywords to create the content, helps to get ranked high in the search results. It will make you appear on the first page of the search results.  If the wrong keywords are chosen the website content will get buried, and nobody will come to know about it. Creating content around the wrong keywords will waste time and money. You can, therefore, take the help of the best digital marketing companies to avoid losses. So here is what you should know about keyword analysis.

  1. Analyse the top ten results for the interested/suitable keyword. Look at the content Google is displaying in its top results and its header for keywords. Observe how often the keywords are used in the content and how long the content is. 

Also, observe the keywords used in their alt image tags, title attributes, and meta descriptions.

  1. Doing competitive analysis: You should also do competitive analysis. You can use tools like SEMrush, SE ranking, or Ubersuggest. You can find all the different keywords your competitors rank for online. It will give an idea about the entire universe of keywords for which these competitors are ranking and getting maximum traffic. Utilise those keywords and start building content incorporating them.
  2. Analyse your data: The next important step in keyword analysis is looking at your own data. Analyse what words the competitors are ranking for and what keywords we are ranking for and find the keyword gaps. You can analyse it using Google analytics and learn more about the keywords you need to work on.


A keyword analysis is a cornerstone for the success of any digital marketing effort by a company. Innogenx, a digital marketing service provider in Bangalore, can help business get a higher ranking in Google search engine results.

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