How and Why You Should Use Google Ads?

Google ads is an advertising platform through which we can reach out to people and promote our products and services. We can promote our website, our YouTube channel, or anything we wish to promote using this platform.

How should we use Google ads?

We can use it in many ways. First, we will have to select the budget. The minimum budget is INR 500, and we can choose any amount above that.

Secondly, you can choose who do you want to show your advertisement?

If you wish to show it to a male or a female, or a particular age group. You can target the audience location-wise or interest-wise. It is an excellent way to reach your target audience if you want to reach your target audience.

To understand how Google ads work, we will have to understand the two sides: an advertiser and a publisher. An advertiser is a person who has to advertise. A publisher publishes content, for example, someone who has a YouTube channel.

Suppose an advertiser is an e-commerce company who has to run ads to sell the products. So if this e-commerce company designs a campaign and runs ads on a publisher’s YouTube channel, then if they have a sale through this channel, the publisher gets paid by YouTube. The advertiser is a part of Google ads whereas. The publisher is a part of Google AdSense.

Google keyword planner: The advertiser can design their campaign using Google keyword planner. They can know the search volume for a particular keyword, the money they will have to bid, and how much they will pay per click.

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Why should one use Google ads?

When there are multiple ways to get traffic, why should one use Google ads? Here are five reasons why one should use Google ads:

  1. Effective advertising method: Billions of people use Google search to find out about products and services. So if one wants to reach out to this audience who is searching for their particular product or service, the Google ads are a very effective tool to reach out to this audience. If the campaign is implemented perfectly, then there are a lot of chances of getting qualified leads, and there will be more chances of their conversion.
  2. Vast reach: As stated earlier, there are billions of people already searching for what you have to offer. So there is a ready target market that one can reach out to using Google Ads.
  3. The Easiest way to be on page one of Google: If you want your website to be on page one of Google, Google ads are the fastest way to get there. You can set up your campaign and see your ads on the first page immediately with Google ads. Innogenx, an expert in designing ad campaigns, can help you get a high return on your investment. So you should reach out to the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.
  4. Targeted reach: Using Google ads, you can decide who will see your ads. So you can give the complete profile of your ideal target customers and reach your ideal customers in a targeted way. These are the people who are looking for your particular product or service.
  5. You get to know your market: Google ads help you know about the habits and behavior of your target customers. So you can design your campaigns accordingly.

Conclusion:  Innogenx is one of Bangalore’s best digital marketing services and can help you design your perfect ad campaigns.

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