How To Increase The Consumer Base Through Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is working with influencers to promote your brand’s message, products, or services.  Influencers are individuals who have an active and sizeable audience who follows them and who they can influence. Influencer marketing happens on social media networks like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.  These days almost all the digital marketing companies in Bangalore use influence marketing as one of the branding activities for the clients.

Why is influencer marketing important?

Influencer marketing works because the brands ride on the trust these influencers have already generated in their audience. If you are looking at influencer marketing, you can approach Innogenx, the best agency in Bangalore.

How to increase the customer base using influencer marketing?

As discussed, influencers have a massive fan-following who listen to them, which is why they are called influencers. Based on the volume of followers, there are five types of influencers: celebrities, Mega influencers, Macro influencers, Micro-influencers, and Nano influencers. So how can one increase one’s customer base using influencer marketing?

Following are the steps that most digital marketing companies in bangalore follow:

  1. Define the campaign’s objective: There can be two primary objectives, to increase brand awareness or to create interest and desire in the audience to try the product/service.  It is more about making potential customers aware of their problems and how your product or service can solve them.

The third objective is to attract people to buy the product or get them to sign up. A branding agency in Bangalore can help you define your campaign objective.

  1. Find influencers with a good following: You need to find the influencers in your niche. You can perform a Google search for that and get the names of the influencers. You can also get the details about where they have a following and the size of their following. You can short list those who seem a good fit for your brand. You can also search on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  2. Vet an influencer: While selecting an influencer, looking at their following alone is never a good way to choose one. You need to ensure that the influencer will be a good representative of your brand. You also need to check their engagement metrics.  Engagement metrics are the engagement rate and the following. Besides this, it is the quality of engagement also that matters. You also need to look at the consistent subscriber growth.
  3. Reach out: Once you have vetted the influencer, it is time to reach out. You need to introduce yourself and explain the objectives and why the influencer is an ideal choice, and ask if the influencer is open for sponsorship.
  4. Work together: The influencers know their audiences well, so you need to work with them to understand what will work with their audience. Working mutually will help put your products or services before their audience.

These are a few insights into how influencer marketing can increase your customers.


Influencer marketing is an excellent way to increase your customer base because you get a ready-made audience who you can turn into buyers. Innogenx, the best branding agency in Bangalorecan help you improve your customer base through influencer marketing.

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