Reasons why you are not getting viewers on You tube

Why are your YouTube videos not getting views? This question many a time would have given you sleepless nights. Many established Firms are asking the same question. This is a common challenge posed by everyone. ie looking for a solution for not getting videos viewed on youtube. Among the digital marketing companies in Bangalore, InnoGenX, the best digital marketing company in Bangalore’s expertise in YouTube strategies assures you of enough viewers for your YouTube. But before that, it is good to understand the major reasons as to why my youtube video is not getting views, so that knowing these points can avoid flaws right from the creation of the social media strategy stage.

1. Thumbnail

Thumbnails form one of the key factors to getting more YouTube views. Thumbnails and titles are like advertisement hoardings to help your business audience to decide to watch your YouTube videos. If your thumbnail or image is not eye-catching or not catching eyeballs, then you’ll easily skip your YouTube video.

If your thumbnail does not match with your YouTube content or your thumbnail is not attractive, then interest for viewers in clicking your video decreases or ceases.

2. No Consistency.

If you default to show consistency on YouTube channels, you’ll see a big drop in your viewers’ count. If you’re not consistent in posting YouTube videos then your subscribers never know when your future video would be posted.

3. Are you making content what audience look for?

Post what the viewers want. One of the common reasons for not getting more YouTube views is, that your video content is not what your audience is looking for

4. YouTube optimization

Commonly, most YouTubers are just posting videos on YouTube and expecting views to grow overnight. Unfortunately, this will not happen ever; if you do so, you will get 0 YouTube views per month and even for a year. This disconnect is one of the reasons why YouTube videos are not getting views; it is because your YouTube videos and channels are not optimized

5. Low retention rate

When your YouTube audience retention rate is low, which can happen due to a couple of reasons, explained here, it will negatively impact your YouTube channel.

1. YouTube algorithm pushes those videos which have more watch time and hold the viewers for a longer time. If your video viewers are not interested to watch your full video then they’ll not be interested in your other videos either.

2. Also there are a few other factors like the audio of your video, monotone voice, irrelevant topics, etc adversely affecting the raking and are involved in the YouTube audience retention rate.

6. Don’t Rely on YouTube Only

Is there only a YouTube channel that is available for user engagement? No, there are many free social networks available on the internet. Use a combination of all.

7. Informative & entertained Videos

When you provide a valuable reason to your viewers to watch your video like information, funny, prank, entertainment, etc; in return, you will get likes, comments, shares, subscriptions, and much more.

8. Awful audio

When we talk about creating quality YouTube videos, it’s equally important to have adequate audio clarity. There shouldn’t be an awful feeling

9. Not responding to your audience

We have seen that many YouTubers skip responding to their audience in the comments section for unknown reasons.

10. Low or No Patience

The reason why there are setbacks with most YouTubers is, that they lose patience to run a YouTube channel. They just upload a YouTube and wait for two weeks to reach viewers to reach the sky. It is YouTube views.


We hope you might have known a few possible reasons why your YouTube videos are not getting viewers. Determination and patience are undoubtedly the success factors to earn followers. Your hard work with patience will help to grow your YouTube videos without any doubt with Innogenx, the best digital marketing company in Bangalore.

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