The relevance of digital transformation in the 21st century

Digital transformation has witnessed drastic changes over the past few times. The few global happenings have made businesses sit up and think and re-evaluate the strategic method for harping on the benefits of digital transformation. The usage of digital technologies has clearly demarcated the winners and losers as they have enhanced customer experience and business models and processes. This blog from Innogenx will help you understand the relevance of digital transformation in the 21st century.

The winners were way ahead of their colleagues in the game as they utilised digital systems to take on a constantly evolving technology-enabled world by constantly innovating on the go. It is not merely a chance that the winners are reaping the benefits of the accelerated global shift to digital to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Many named and famed organisations are readily inculcating disruption owing to the digital capabilities they have nurtured and grown. 

Consumer touchpoints can be digitalised helping to sell online and thus categorising digital as a strategic prerequisite. It would be great if digital automation and traceability is inducted into business across their operations. It would be of epic proportions if digitalisation in businesses expose their capabilities to the customers. 

Digital transformation aids both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) operators. It helps bond every endpoint and process during the operation model apart from strengthening supply chains. Digital marketing, an aspect of digital transformation, is a guarantee to increase your profits with minimal or no loss. 

Digital Marketing (DM) is nothing but leveraging online content – both web and app-based to sell services, products, or even a concept via mediums such as social media management, email marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) among a myriad of other DM tools. It is a digital form of marketing that entails the usage of electronic devices.

Many organisations still continue to splurge a huge amount of money on billboards, TV, or newspaper advertising which is the traditional form of advertising. From then and now, we at Innogenx have come across a long sojourn, and going further we have decided to sail full mast ahead with digital marketing as the new fuel. Marketing has seen a lot of changes and with the current trend, usage and statistics, DM is here to stay.

The pandemic has altered digitalisation and impacted strategic B2B and B2C priorities. While change is a constant, we believe that the new key driver of change is being customer focussed, data-driven transformation, and being enabled digitally. With digital models, winning is easy as future goals are aligned close to how revenue is garnered and innovation is encouraged. It is then easy to sustain and improvise apart from being resilient to stand tough in the rough weather of future disruption. 

The online and offline mediums are merging into the future to a competitive digital journey, and hence it is wise to spend your resources on a future-proof marketing channel – leveraging digital marketing media. Content is King and we at Innogenx – one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore treat each and every customer as a King!

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