What Are The Types Of Errors And How To Rectify Them

By improving the visibility of WebPages in the SERPs, SEO helps increase unpaid or organic traffic to a website. But it is disappointing when you have loads of traffic on your website, but an error brings your site down for hours! If it keeps happening, you might lose your rank on search engines, and all your SEO efforts will go in vain.

Let us see the most common website errors that affect SEO and how to fix them:

  1. Broken Links:

When clicked on a broken link, it does not take users to their desired webpage and brings down your SEO ranking.

Innogenx, the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, fixes the Broken Link error immediately by:

  • Replacing broken links with live ones
  • Removing all broken links
  • Reaching out to the linking site
  • Redirecting
  1. TLS Certificate Error – This can be a misconfiguration of the certificate, domain mismatch, identity verifying issues, incorrect date or time on your desktop, or an old version certificate which in-turn brings down your SEO ranking.

Innogenx, a premium digital marketing company in Bangalore, resolves

TLS Certificate Issues by:

  • Correcting the time and date on your desktop
  • Checking for configuration errors and vulnerabilities with online SSL tools
  • Checking domain mismatch
  • Getting the TLS certificate from an established CA
  1. Poor website loading speed

If the website takes a long time to load on Google, the ranking on SEO will go down.  Innogenx, the best web design company in Bangalore, reduces page load speed to improve SEO by:

  • Choosing a hosting that is performance-focused
  • Compressing and optimizing all website images
  • Trying to reduce redirects
  • Enabling browser caching
  • Minification of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files
  • Eliminating unnecessary plugins and keep everything updated
  1. Mobile Compatibility

Innogenx team resolves this error by:

  • Testing your website with the Google page speed insight tool to see what’s wrong
  • If WordPress powers your site, use a mobile-responsive theme
  • Redesign pop-ups for mobile devices
  1. Duplicate Content.

Innogenx, the best web designing company in Bangalore, resolves Duplicate Content Issues as a Webmaster by

  • Using 301 redirects to get rid of duplicate content.
  • Use Rel= canonical to give search engine
  • Treating the page as a duplicate of the URL specified
  • Leverage the code <meta name=”robots”
  • Tell search engine bots not to crawl the page
  1. Toxic Backlinks:

Innogenx, the best SEO agency in Bangalore, helps get rid of toxic backlinks by:

  • Knowing its origin and removing them.
  • Removing the page to which the backlink links
  • Manually removing the link
  1. Website Errors Codes

There are various website error codes like 404 Not Found,400 Bad Requests, 500 Internal Server Error, 403Forbidden, and 503 Service Unavailable.

The team at Innogenx, one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore is highly skilled at fixing such errors with a complete knowledge such as:

  • Clearing browser cache and cookies
  • Flushing the DNS
  • Restarting the device and refreshing the page
  • Checking if the website is down for you or everyone
  • Check the firewall configuration and see if down – try fixing it

In addition to this, there are technical skills involved to fix these errors which only individuals with expertise in this field can do effectively.  Innogenx is the best SEO agency in Bangalore with a knowledgeable team to identify and rectify errors that could be affecting your SEO.


Fixing website errors for a newbie or an experienced person can be equally challenging. But our professionals at Innogenx, the best SEO agency in Bangalore, know how to fix website errors that might ruin SEO ranking. Our professionals deal with these errors patiently and adequately. They help your website free from toxicity as quickly as possible and enhance your SEO ranking.

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