What is link building and why is it important?

You might have come across the term – “link building” but do you understand what it means? You might have started a small business or learning the ropes of the establishment, or are completely new to the search engine optimization (SEO) game. Link building is a less talked about aspect but a significant element of SEO. Through this article, we at Innogenx the best digital marketing company in Bangalore will help you understand what link building is and why it is important.

Link building is a method of getting a hyperlink from an external website that connects to your website. Link building is a technique used in search engine optimization that helps you improve your search engine ranking. Links are one of the prime ways that search engine algorithms evaluate a website page’s relevance. The content on the website is valuable when there is a good number of links. Your website gets more visibility with internal and external linking. Apart from that linking helps search engines like Google crawl your site.

The various facets that govern how favourable is a link to your website ranking include:

Worldwide fame: Well-known sites receive more external links. For example, Wikipedia results at the top of search pages for various subjects as it has a lot many websites linked to it.

Local popularity: Popularity at the local level indicate inbound links that come from similar websites. For example, if you have a flower shop, and a popular flower blog links to it, search engines will give it due consideration if the link came from a different website.

Anchor text: When somebody links your flower shop using “flower shop” as the anchor text, this sends a message to the search engines that your website is a good source for flowers. If the anchor text ushers in visitors to a page that utilises the same keywords often, then search engines might begin to doubt spam.

Link background: Links are having more weightage when the background link is directly linked to your website’s topic. The switch from the existing page to the one being linked must be fairly seamless.

Link origin: Links from websites that are authoritative have more weightage than the link from less popular or reputable websites. For example, a link from a personal website, or blog on WordPress is less authoritative compared to a link from Google’s official blog. Search engines have methods to sort spam, and Google uses a ranking system that rates individual website pages depending on their reputability.

There are basically two aspects to developing links to your portal and they are internal and external. It is difficult to get external links as they come from other websites. Commencing with internal linking is relatively easier. It requires some time and meticulous planning to augment the use of internal links and bolster SEO for your business.

Link building is a key aspect of SEO as it augments your sales, traffic, and where you reach on Google’s search results. Link building is nothing but a hyperlink from one website to another. It also shows Google and other search engines that your matter is helpful, informative, and worth showcasing to the users. The development of link building is simple to comprehend but tough to master. This is why SEO experts at Innogenx – one of the best digital marketing companies are here to help. Mulling on the best digital marketing service in Bangalore?Think no further than Innogenx! 

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