What is target audience in paid campaigns?

A category of people defined by certain demographics and behavior constitutes the target audience. With the knowledge about the target audience, businesses create user personas that lead their decisions on marketing campaigns.

To find a target audience you would need to figure out the kind of people who would be interested in your service or product. Most companies track demographic information such as





Income or education level

Marital status

To feel connected to a product, service, or brand, customers need to relate to the content and tone of the company’s message. Knowing the target audience in paid campaigns, while targeting each campaign will ensure that you speak their language and help them to connect and relate. By understanding your audience you will be in a better position to zero in on them with paid campaigns on social media.

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How do you find target audience in paid campaigns?

For all companies, with no one-size-fits-all audience, it is only a lot of research that will help you to track down your true target audience: You would need to analyze your competitors and focus on their target audience as your competitors could be connecting with people valuable to your business as well, and gather insights about your existing customers. Make use of the tools that help you to learn more and bring to light your target audience. You could make use of Facebook and Instagram Insights, and tools such as Sprout Social to provide substantial information about the demographics of your audience.

Companies could have more than one target audience in paid campaigns:

With the extensive research conducted into your audience, you may realize that there is not just one user persona to target. Just as many businesses sell or offer more than one product or one service, to develop their businesses, they would need to create multiple target audience profiles too. To be able to cater to your paid campaigns and those personas based on your goals, you must analyze that your target audience may consist of dozens of different patterns.

Lastly, you must know that to ensure that it becomes easy to customize your campaigns; you would need to put a lot of effort into your target audience insights.  

The information that you collect will be a step ahead to direct you to the right channels and strategies to follow for sharing your message and to be able to strongly deliver your message. You could focus on the younger lot or the more visual target audience who will more than likely respond well to campaigns on Instagram in contrast to the older lot or working professionals, who would prefer and would respond to campaigns on Facebook or via email.

It is important to note that when you track your campaigns, as time goes it will also allow you to build on what you know about your target audience and to get to understand them better.

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