What is the importance of Image Optimization in SEO?

A website has various components, with some visible & some not visible to the users. Images are one of the vital components of a website. A noticeable image with relevant content encourages the user to dig into the website. A picture is worth a thousand words. People prefer to interact with images rather than text. Visible and invisible dimensions have a lead role in image optimization.


What is Image SEO?


Text and images are major visible components of a website. Image SEO is a process of optimizing the images on your website; so they are easy for search engines to read and find. Image SEO generates user-friendly experiences, clear visibility, and improves the ranking of your content in Google. Image SEO has various elements like image type, size, load time, usage and alt text that needs optimization and keywords in image file names.


Importance of Image SEO


Poor SEO can lead to various issues like losing to gain links or organic traffic. Unoptimized and large images will slow down your website. An accurate image can help a user understand and engage with the content. The images should communicate the story you are trying to tell because optimizing images should be part of the SEO strategy. Images play a crucial role in e-commerce, travel and media websites. The purchases in the e-commerce world depend on the quality and design of the image on the website. Image optimization helps improve page load speed, boosts website SEO ranking and gives a user-friendly experience. Innogenx, one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore, helps its clients with optimal SEO strategies that enhance their business growth.


Importance of optimizing web images:


Improves Page Load Speed – Page load speed is the time a web page takes to load completely. It depends on many factors, from your website host to website layout and design. Websites having less than 2 seconds load speed are most loved by their users. So, if 64% of your website’s weight is optimized, which are images, your website speed is bound to improve. It gives your website visitors a faster experience. More users would interact with your product and services. 


Improves SEO Ranking –  Page load speed has a vital role to play in the ranking factor. Google doesn’t love slow websites like its users. Website loading speed has a lot of value in search rankings as faster websites rank better in the search results than slower ones. Thus, image optimization holds great significance.


Boost Conversions – According to a study, 79% of shoppers unsatisfied with the web page speed or performance do not buy from the same site again. If your search ranking improves, you can capture more users and get more conversions. Page load speed gives better SEO ranking and conversions. 


Enhance User Engagement – Optimizing your website images improves your page load speed, thus, providing a better overall user experience. If your page loads fast on all devices, the user will spend more time there than on those slower websites. Therefore, user satisfaction and happiness depend on page load speed, which happens by optimizing web images.  



In this digital world, with the ever-increasing expectations from the customer, each factor related to your website performance matters. Image Optimization is not restricted to page load speed and SEO ranking only. Image optimization is also capable of boosting your conversion and revenue numbers. Image optimization for both users and search engines will increase the traffic to the website.

Images are vital for web design; along with creating them, you also have to optimize them. InnoGenX, one of the best website designing company in Bangalore, helps you create and optimize the right kind of images that can add value to your websites. 


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