Why is Search Engine Marketing a Business Game-changer?

Why is Search Engine Marketing a Business Game-changer?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a business game-changer because it helps companies generate more traffic on their website. SEM is an internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (like Google), primarily through pay-per-click advertising. Why is search engine marketing is a business game-changer? Nearly half of the digital marketing budgets are spent on search, with 31% on paid search and 18% on search engine optimization.

Here are the reasons why search engine marketing is essential:

1. Gives faster results:

Most online audiences first tap to search engines for their query and go for only the top-most results for their searches. So the question is how to rank higher on search engines and which search engine to target? Google is the most preferred search engine. It takes longer to grow your business if you try search engine optimization (SEO). So if you want to rank higher faster, you may prefer the SEM route. The paid ads appear higher on the search results than the organic search, which one achieves through search engine optimization. If you want to get faster results with search engine marketing, you can take the help of Innogenx.

2. A profitable option:

Suppose you are selling something at Rs. 1000/- online, and you are earning Rs. 300/- as a profit on that sales. So if you spend Rs. 50/- on SEM or Google ads, you still earn a profit of Rs. 250/-. So if you want a higher volume of sales, then spending money on search engine ads is a profitable option.

3. More traffic on the website:

Since the ads appear on the top of the first page on Google search results, people tend to click on them, and if you have given your ad, the chances are that people will click on your website link and visit your website. So search engine marketing is a sure-shot way of getting higher traffic on your website, resulting in higher sales and profits.

4. More visibility:

It is apparent that when your ads appear on the top of the page, your brand gets greater visibility. The more it is visible, the more people get to know the brand, increasing brand awareness about your brand. When many people know about your brand, there are more chances of them visiting your website and buying from you. Therefore, SEM is a game-changer.

5. Higher engagement with customers:

You can engage with your prospects when you put your ads on the top of the search results and direct the prospects who are seriously searching for your keywords to your website. For example, you can put some valuable content about the pain areas of the customers and how you can solve their problems. Your content can engage the prospects and turn them into customers.

SEM is a beneficial strategy for any business. If you want to benefit from search engine marketing, you can contact us at Innogenx. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

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