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For all your B2B Demand Generation tasks, the team at InnoGenX is the answer. With our proven techniques and strategies we drive the marketing powerhouse that builds brand awareness, increases traffic, and secures new leads.

This B2B Demand Generation engine and strategies is about creating a predictable pipeline for the sales team. Our strategies include blogging, downloadable content, webinars, podcasts, videos, influencer marketing, public relations campaigns, SEO among others.

There is however a subtle distinction between demand generation and lead generation. Demand generation aims to grow the audience by driving traffic of new visitors to your website and introducing them to your solutions or services. Lead generation, on the other hand, aims to convert your audience into qualified leads.

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Our expertise, in essence defines Demand generation marketing as the process of creating awareness and demand for your products or services. It expands your audience, generates buzz, and drives traffic to transform interest into action. Primarily, it includes initial campaigns to c onnect and engage with the audience, the target audience, to opt in to your mailing list. The next step is to guide and in a way, engage with the content, attend events, and more. Demand generation marketing nurtures and engages your prospects, ensuring brand recall. These actions, among others are designed to transport the visitors through the buyer’s journey until they become a qualified lead. A qualified lead is more receptive to a sales pitch and hence more amenable to becoming a new customer.

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Demand generation feeds into lead generation. It is essential to first drive awareness and develop interest. The challenge here is especially true for large enterprises. The potential buyers or target customers are locked into vendor relationships that prevent them from looking for alternatives until set times. That said creating brand awareness is of primary focus, with consistent communication collateral like videos or regular blog posts. Ensuring a regular flow of useful, entertaining and actionable content builds trust and brand awareness.

Lead generation is more focused on converting prospects into “qualified” status to initiate sales conversations. Demand generation and lead generation overlap at times, but ultimately provide a pipeline for the sales team.

B2C companies typically have to get buy-in from only one person: the customer. B2B marketers, on the other hand, usually have to get the buy-in of entire teams, key decision-makers, and sometimes even an entire department.

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Innogenx is a top lead generation company in bangalore. We provide all kinds of lead services like B2b & B2c leads Generation.

B2b - Business to business lead generation. We are a B2B lead generation company. We provided a lead generation services for both small & large scale Sector

B2c : business to customer. We are a B2C lead generation company. We provided a lead generation services for both small & large scale Sector

B2B lead generation companies
Our Services Include
Creation of blog posts

Creation of blog posts - not just any ordinary ones but thoughtful, helpful information that address audience pain points and feed their interests. This forms the bedrock of long-term awareness and affinity building. Blogging is one of the most popular forms of content marketing to gain visibility online, attract relevant traffic, engage with the target audience, and guide them to download relevant content, sign up for webinars, or otherwise take a next step in learning more.

Lead Magnets

Innogenx’s unique demand generation marketing engines, paired with blogging and SEO create powerful lead magnets. We especially focus on aligning your content marketing strategy with high-value downloadable content that’s aligned with your audience’s needs. These include guides, white papers, ebooks, presentations, toolkits, templates, swipe files, infographics, and checklists.

Live Events (and virtual ones)

In-person events, bot, on-line and off-line, give industry insiders a place to network, learn cutting edge know-how, and hear from experts in their field. Our conference and events services allows, your company to build crucial relationships by participating in industry events or even hosting your own branded events. In the current scenario, we work towards creative approaches at virtual events, as well.


Account-Based Marketing campaigns focus on a target specific target audience and coordinate the marketing efforts across multiple channels and tactics. Our services in ABM campaigns also include outbound activities such as email marketing, LinkedIn ads, InMail, and direct mail.


Build thought leadership in your industry and boost your pool of opt-ins with webinars. Webinar content can help your audience overcome common industry pain points or learn about a new product. We also facilitate interviews (video/text) of complementary solutions providers and industry influencers. This will give everyone access to an expanded audience.


Podcasting, by being a format where audiences are already primed to spend time tuning in is another effective way to capture an audience’s attention. That makes podcasting, for many industries, a relatively low-competition way to build thought leadership, establish a cadence of repeated brand touch points, and start forging a relationship with the audience.


Videos are a rich, immersive way to connect with and inspire your audience. It’s a great branding tool, as well as a powerful demand generation vehicle. Videos are effective in getting your audience to remember your brand, because visual content is recalled at a far higher rate than text-based content.

Direct mail

Direct mail is still a straightforward demand generation tactic because it’s an easy way to get your business’s name in front of the right people — especially for B2B companies. To make sure your mailers don’t get immediately recycled, identify specific targets at each business and tailor your offers or promotions to them.